Elegance is not being noticed, it's about being remembered.

From 2009 ⸻

Our story

My name’s Matt Dariani, founder of Ertefa and creator of the Ertefa brand. When I launched Ertefa in 2009, our passion and focus were to bring the best automotive entertainment experience to our community. We’re now evolving our brand to bring innovative products and experiences into the car, creating a better daily driving experience for all our fans.

Today, our company values are simple:

Be truly original. Focus on details. Inject fun and boldness into everything.

Made with love ⸻
We tailor your experience.

Our current product lineup is just the beginning of an ever-expanding ecosystem that will always be innovated and improved over time. With your support, our team will continue to grow and make amazing products that don’t suck.




Matt & the Ertefa team