Megamag™ is our simple, easy-to-use, and premium car mount. Featuring a high-bond adhesive and auto-alignment, Megamag is easy to set up and keeps your attention on the road instead of fumbling with a car mount. The bottom half and outer ring of Megamag are milled from aircraft-grade zinc alloy.

Trusted By 480,000+ drivers worldwide.

Tuned Rotation

Megamag mount combines full angle control with consistent, sturdy friction. This means smooth rotation and the perfect viewing angle every time you hit the road.

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Two Megmag is stong enoughto hold IPad Pro 12inch

Rotate 360°

Attach it with one hand, then adjust the viewing angle to any position that’s best for you. Done driving? Detach it as fast as you mounted it. Pure magnetism at work, with ease of access in mind.