What is Ertefa?

Ertefa started in 2009 as a small gathering of friends with a similar passion and quickly became a place for the car community in the Greater Toronto Area to come together on every Thursday night in the summer. In 2014, Ertefa had its last official parking meet. To provide the community with safe and organized events, we decided to transition the meets to an enclosed car show on private facilities that made it possible for us to provide more entertainment and a better overall experience for our community. Ertefa had its very first indoor car show at the Markham Fairgrounds on Thursday, May 21th of 2015. With over 12,000 people in attendance and a sold out show, we saw the potential to expand and offer an even better experience for our community.


When and Where?

OJuly 9th 2016, Ertefa will utilize over 80,000 square feet of indoor space at the luxurious Toronto Congress Centre accompanied by an outdoor space sufficient for over 5,000 cars. Moreover, for this year we have decided to partner up with Formula Drift Canada to further expand our scope and offer the maximum possible experience for our attendees.

Our plans for this year:

For this year we decided to expand our scope and offer what we believe the community really wants in a car show. Not only did we focus on making the show an interesting experience for car enthusiasts, but we also emphasized on offering an outstanding experience to the general public and the GTA community as well. This year’s event will be packed with lots of fun and interesting elements, ranging from classic car displays to live drift demos provided by some of the best world-class Canadian drifters through Formula Drift Canada.  With lots of surprising components, we are sure that Ertefa will be nothing like the GTA community has experienced before. At this year’s event, there will be a large presence of corporate sponsors and moguls in the motorsport industry. Our long-term aim is to execute a Canadian version of the popular SEMA show that takes place in the United States. In a sense, this event will act as a pilot for future events.